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Articulated Fingers for Halloween

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 3D Printed Articulated Fingers As flexible as your own fingers

 Best Halloween Gear

 Fits all finger sizes

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3D Printing Articulated Fingers for the Cosplay Event

Have you wanted to caress the skull of your enemies sitting on your throne of evil?

Or maybe you may just want to pet your cat while you plan how to rule over the world.

Now you can do it with our incredible articulated claws, as always, with style

Fits all finger sizes

Updated design for a better fit and more robust.

There should be a pair of such charming and terrifying long claws in every fantasy Halloween collection box. Truly sinister and creepy.

They come fully assembled in black/white and are highly customizable with standard acrylic/spray paint.

As flexible as your own fingers

Our claws are a piece of craftsmanship. Made with environmentally friendly materials, slightly hardened and hand-dyed.

The junction of the paw and the palmare is made of stretchable skin-friendly materials, so they can be well matched to fingers of all sizes.